Bradman365 Returns… finally

Hi everyone,  first I would like to apologize for stepping away from vlogging in the month of September and into October.   I was dealing with a lot of new things with my birthday and life in general and I had to take a moment and regroup.  Also during this time I somehow lost my website so I decided it would be a great time to not only update my website but also reformat my vlogging and blogging experience as well.

Welcome to the new home of Bradman365.  Vlogging, Blogging and just an overall journal of my life in general.  You may see me on Periscope, Twitch, or throughout social media talking about things, but I want to use this site just to document my personal journey along the way.

Please don’t expect to always laugh, but also don’t expect to always cry.  I just want to this to be my little outlet that allows me to share my creative channels but then have one central place to blog and vlog as well!

I look forward to the weeks ahead.  I will return to vlogging on Monday-Friday beginning on October 8, 2018 and I will be also attempting to write at least twice a week in the blog as well!  I hope you enjoy because there are some fun things about to happen in the weeks ahead in my life!

Thanks for wanting to stay connected!

-Bradley Laborman